Thursday, December 12, 2019

Nature of Organizational Project Management

Question: Discuss about the Nature of Organizational Project Management. Answer: Portfolio Reflection Success is like as three-legged stool refers to the learning strategy of the students, at the first stage the students should become ready to learn new things, then they need to have willpower of learning the leadership skills and finally they become the leaders in the practical field. In order to develop a solid project plan, the project manager must provide the details about the scope of the project, budget, resource and timeline of the project. In case of the external projects, the project manager must think about the profitability. The PM should ensure that the project will made sufficient amount of profits for all the stakeholders. Its not about the age of an executive to adopt the project management aspects, its about the leadership skills, critical thinking power and experience. In case of finding inefficiency in the functional line, the project manager should sort out it by consulting with the team members properly. The project managers should follow the established standard company procedures. The project sponsor dont have the right to remove an in-house representative from the company. Project management begins to turn into over management when the PM places a priority on managing instead of accomplishing the goals set out for the project. The program manager is responsible for developing the portfolio of the project and delivering the project and to the client. References Drouin, N., Sankaran, S. and Muller, R., 2016. The nature of organizational project management and its role as an organizational capability.Manageable Cooperation?. Heagney, J., 2016.Fundamentals of project management. AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn.

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