Wednesday, January 22, 2020

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The Adolf Coors Company is one of the world’s largest brewing companies in the world, and third largest brewing company in the United States. But what makes Coors different from other brewers is its unique advantages and disadvantages in the brewing industry. Coors maintains a certain brand image or â€Å"mystique† that – while positively influencing the company – also causes some strategy problems. The first main problem for Coors is distribution. Coors is branded as a cold, fresh beer and has profited from this immensely in their sales. There are several factors that contribute to this brand image and are ultimately advantages to the company. However, some of these advantages come at a cost. While Coors’ â€Å"pure Rocky Mountain spring water† has been emphasized by the company for over a half century, this water comes from 60 springs on company-owned land where its brewery is in Golden, Colorado. In order to be true to their image, Coors does not want to brew any beer without the fresh â€Å"spring water† of the Rockies. This means Coors is in a bind if interested in shipping beer to parts of the United States such as the east coast. Not only would the beer be extremely expensive to ship over 1500 miles, there is another problem with the idea of shipping the brews across America from a single plant: Coors does not pasteurize their beer. They claim that the heat the beer would experience during a normal ship would harm the taste of the beer. This means that shipments of their unpasteurized beer need to be kept cold the duration of the ship to stay fresh. However, concern about the 25-30 million barrel ceiling on capacity at the Golden, Colorado sites makes it an intriguing prospective to expand sites considering the recent yearl... ...h the beer may be as â€Å"fresh† as Coors claims, companies that do pasteurize their beer are able to ship it across America without the worry and hassle of keeping it cold throughout the duration of the ship. I mentioned reasons as to why this poses some potential problems for the company earlier in this assessment. It’s no mistake that Coors has gained the reputation they have – and it’s mostly a worthy appraisal of the company. As a customer, seeing the extent to which Coors goes to maintain a fresh, unique, brew would make me want to try their product over other â€Å"typical† breweries. However, the very reasons that has led to success for Adolph Coors Company, is also the very reasons why Coors faces potential growth problems. Aside from the problems that Coors’ is dealing with as a result of their pledge to â€Å"freshness,† what other problems does the company face.

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