Saturday, March 14, 2020

Share Your Skills with Schools †and Get Paid!

Share Your Skills with Schools – and Get Paid! Writers like you possess special, sought-after skills. You have gold dust to offer! Literacy ranks high on school agendas, and teachers often find creative writing a stumbling block. No wonder that many schools gladly pay experts to come in and inspire their youngsters. Could this be you? I’ve been running workshops in schools for years, and find them an ideal accompaniment to writing. Not only can they provide a healthy income boost, but the work is enjoyable too, and the children’s enthusiasm fires up my own.   It’s a win-win all around! Promotion Opportunities What’s more, school visits provide excellent promotional opportunities. If you have a book to sell, mention it to the schools you approach, with price and links, and take an armful along on every visit, whether for children or staff. If its a kids book, ask your school if they can notify parents in advance, so their children can bring requisite money. I sell lots of books this way. A discount helps, and for a further incentive, I set a simple price requiring minimal coins or notes for child-handling. Fee Fees widely vary. Set it low to start with and build up. I’ve reduced mine to about $200 plus travel to accommodate tightening school budgets in the UK; your schools may have more funds. You might like to apply to an agency or organization that specializes in such appearances, and let them arrange everything. In any case, agency websites provide useful information, including an insight into the range of workshop content authors offer. Here are a few to browse (selected and listed randomly), in Canada, the US and the UK: 1. Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia, Writers in the Schools Program: 2. Seattle Arts Lectures: Writers and Schools, 3. Writers in the Schools, Houston: 4. Pen/Faulkner Foundation, Washington DC, Writers in Schools: 5. Authors Abroad, UK: An online search under â€Å"authors for schools† will reveal many others in these countries and around the world. Boost Your Bookings To earn more, consider widening your age range or content. I drew fresh interest Fit to Suit Fit your bookings round your writing, using the lulls in one to take advantage of the other. Opportunities may be intermittent at schools as their diaries fill fast and even big budgets run dry sometimes, or you might be between book releases. Here are few tips to see you on your way: Arrangements: Confirm booking details in writing, including content (poetry/story-writing/drama/journalism) and fee. Lesson plan: Prepare a mix of activities to keep kids on board, including some physical ones like artwork, singing, drama, or an outdoor performance, depending on age, space, time and facilities. In the classroom: You’ll have a staff member with you, so don’t panic! Keep calm, and maintain a lively pace. If you enjoy it, they will as well. Working with children: Check requirements in your area for working with children. You may need a criminal history record check to confirm you are eligible. Oh, and one more thing: Get a good night’s sleep before that alarm goes off! Children are energetic!

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